Friday, 4 September 2015

So Well Done

I started re-watching Friday Night Lights the week before I was going on the cruise.

I loved the show when I first watched and thought it would be a nice little trip down memory lane to watch a few episodes.

But, wow.  What a show.  Really. 

I had forgotten just how much I love all of the characters.  Eric and Tami Taylor?  The best tv couple ever, each of them adorable and wonderful in their own ways and a marriage I would love to echo in my own life.  Loving and fun, but honest and real at the same time.

And there aren't really any throwaway characters.  Even the sort of lesser characters are full and rich and charming and well played.  I forgot how much I enjoy each and every one of these people.

Eric and Tami are probably my favourites.  Followed closely, if not surpassed at times, by Tim Riggins.  And then, of course, Matt Saracen and the wonderful surprise of his best friend Landry.

It's just a damn good show and I'm happy I thought to give it another run.
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