Wednesday, 6 April 2016


It would seem normalish if at this point I started to praise daylight savings time and the recent time change, but you know what?  As much as I am enjoying the longer days, I still don't feel it's worth the pain of the time change shift.

Like last night, I was lying on my couch around 8:15 or so listening to the robins chirp away and seeing the twilight light still alive.  And my thought was that it would be just as nice for it to be 7:15, and we wouldn't have had to go through that jarring hour's shift.

So while my body seems to be more used to the new times, I still don't see that they're all that awesome.  Let's just go back to how things used to be, k?



Blogger Jason Langlois said...

Yes, why can't it be like it was!

You worried me there, I thought you were going to convert to a DST supporter...

Banana update? :)

Thursday, April 07, 2016 4:38:00 pm  
Blogger Victoria said...

No current banana peels!

Friday, April 08, 2016 11:58:00 pm  

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