Tuesday, 5 April 2016

So Weird

During one of the gorgeous weather days we've had lately, I went down to the beach to soak up some rays and relax.  It was awesome.

At a certain point two young(ish?) kids came down near the water and started to play.  I watched them (pretty sure they were brother and sister) and listened to their conversation and started to realize how complicated we humans are.

For many reasons, I'm a people observer.  Partly schooling, training, personality, everything, I see people patterns and behaviour patterns that not everyone notices. Or, maybe, cares about.  But as I watched this brother and sister interact I could see their little personalities in formation.  I could see how they did things for attention, or to be noticed, or to get the other to laugh, or whatever the case may be and I sat there and I thought man... being a human is so very complicated.

And so very weird.

It almost became one of those things like when someone tells you you breathe without thinking about it but then you start to pay attention to your breathing and for a while it feels like you have to keep thinking about it or else you won't breathe or something like that.... Like... why is it so complex to interact with each other?  Why are we wired so .... complicatingly?

And yes, I make up words.  But usually only words that should really exist in the first place, yo!


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