Tuesday, 3 May 2016


In the vein of "well, they certainly haven't made anything worse" (like other stuff that not everyone believes works) my acupuncturists (because I have two now, it's a long story, but all's well that ends well!) have started putting what I call "buttons" on me!

I'd never had these before, but have seen them in another friend of mine who's been going to acupuncture a lot longer than I have and my basic understanding is that they stimulate or allow you to stimulate an acupuncture point longer than just the session you go to.

There are two types that the two practitioners use; one a little needle like thing on a mini bandaid (I call these my buttons and think it's hilarious to ask a friend if they'd like to "push my button"! because hey, if it makes me laugh and no one else, I'm still amused!) and the other is a little seed like thing under a mini piece of tape. 

The seed ones, the lady puts on my ear after poking a few spots and asking me which ones hurt more and man oh man, those things are uncomfortable.  They feel like I got a piercing and are often hard to sleep on for the first week or so.

The needle ones are less noticeable to me, but once they decide they want to come out (usually when the "band aid" looses its stick) that baby needle can sting man! 

But, yeah, as I say, if they're not doing anything, no harm no foul, other than someone maybe noticing them and wondering what they are or something.  And I don't think they're not doing anything (good English!) so there you go.

I may not be quite bionic, but I do gots buttons you can push!  Fun times, yo!


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