Monday, 6 June 2016


Well that was a warm one this weekend.

Warm enough to bring the fans out in the stores and for me to keep my blinds down all day.

Warm enough for me to remember that when it does get this kind of hot, my place lacks in airflow greatly.  And when it's feeling stuffy in my place before noon, it's not likely to get better until after dinner.

I did buy more window screens, so I can crack open the tops of my windows now too, but I still am missing a window that would allow for a cross breeze of any kind.  It's the stagnant air that gets me, even with a fan going it just... blows around warm air.

I spent a few hours Saturday at the beach, so that helped while away some of the hotter hours, but also meant sunscreen and then, somewhat ironically, still burning through my shirt.  Just a little though.

So, yeah.  The weather's to break later this week, but if we get another warm stretch of days, I may have to abandon my apartment until the evenings.

And drink more water.

Burning Man training, I always joke to myself, but that is also a reminder that being inside something (or under a shade structure = "inside") may keep you out of the sun but will also be hotter, or stuffier, or... a different kind of hot.  We all know too much sun exposure isn't great, so it's always about finding that balance, and as I learned in 2013, it's best to keep my body as cool as possible and not just suffer through hoping it'll "get used to it."


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