Tuesday, 10 January 2017


I could probably do some research and find out but hey, where's the fun in that, eh?

I was thinking about yesterday's post and how it's felt a lot lately as if they (the weather people) are missing the mark more than I remember in the past.

And then I started to wonder if maybe this is another symptom of changing climate.  Like maybe weather modelling systems (or whatever the scientific stuff is) hasn't been updated for the "new normal" (or not normal) and the predictions and forecasting would actually have been more accurate ten or twenty years ago.

I'm probably wrong... they probably update and refer to stats all the time but I am wondering why things have seemed "off" weather forecasting for a while.

Know what I mean, jellybean?


Jason Langlois said...

I don't know if they're off... it feels more like they're being more emphatic about their forecasts. I mean, they don't say "Man, it's totally going to snow, 100%" ... the forecast a 40% chance of possible snow.

But then they slap on that "SNOW WARNING MY GOD WE'RE ALL GOING TO FREEZE" red sign on it, and the hype train starts.

Elliott said...

I think they've been missing the boat for years. It just feels like for the past 5 years they've been erring on the side of over-warning and under-delivering. Which I suppose for safety reasons is probably better than the other way around. But it sucks for those of us hoping for snow to play in.

Victoria said...

Well the hype train is certainly not helping Jason, ugh! ;)

Tell me about it Elliott! And yeah, feels like some butt coverage on their end but man, don't tease me with snow :(