Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Babble Babble Sigh

It doesn't take much these days for my brain to feel like exploding.

Not in a headache way, thankfully, in a "what?" kind of way.

Certain people baffle me.  And then I question am I really that different from the average Joe/Jane?  I tend to think not.

I care about other people.  I try to understand where they're coming from, even if I don't agree or want to agree with them.

How is this not just normal?


Jason Langlois said...

It does seem strange that empathy is called out as some special trait in various memes and such. There is this presentation of trying to understand someone else's point-of-view as some kind of skill that sets you apart from the bulk of humanity.

I'd like it if more people had that trait.

Victoria said...

Me too.