Monday, 27 March 2017


I am whiny, so will not subject you to a whiny post (beyond this which is already whiny.)

Hopefully I will have time later today and will feel less whiny (and grumpy, etc.) to remember the things I currently can't think to talk about.

Happy Monday my friends.


Anne Roy said...

Here is a glass for your whiny post -

Have you ever tasted it? I saw some in a pub here in Cambridge (the U.K. one) for an alarming price per glass so being a good Canadian went home & ordered a bottle on-line ... now we (Cdns) sell it all over the world to raves, hurrahs & 'sling me another mate' but I did not like it all all :-(
FAR too sweet for me ...

Cdn Anne in England who would prefer a bottle of Labatts

Victoria said...

I haven't tasted that, no! My brother loves ice wine though. ;)