Friday, 5 May 2017

Adventure Pillow

When it's sunny outside, and I'm doing my laundry,  I stick my pillows in the open windows of my bedroom to get them some fresh air and sunshine.  (They smell lovely and it may even be killing germs!)

My windows are the old-fashioned "push up and down" ones and I have bug screens on the lower halves.  What I do is open the window, put the pillow so it leans against the screen and tug the window down so it locks it in place.

Occasionally a big gust of wind will blow and knock the fluffier (one of my pillows is a memory foam, the other isn't) pillow back onto my bedroom floor so I try to be aware of that on the windier days.

So I was doing laundry this weekend and plopped my pillows up in their spots.  I heard a big gust of wind and saw the light change (the pillows block some light so when they fall down it gets brighter) and made a mental note to go put my pillow back once I'd flipped the laundry into the dryer (downstairs... no in suite laundry, sigh.)

I got back to my place, and went into my bedroom and... no pillow in the window.  I already knew this, it would be right there on the floor. 

But it wasn't!

I was confused.

I looked out the window.  Nope.  Pillow hadn't fallen down (it never has but I thought I'd check.)  I looked at the floor... nope.  No pillow.

Had I taken it to the laundry room?  Nope.  Pretty sure I'd have noticed that.

I looked at the floor again... all of the floor.  No pillow.

Where on earth was it?  I looked out the window again, nope.

What was happening?????

I looked in the hallway (maybe there'd been a big gust of wind and it had been blown out of my bedroom into the hall and I just hadn't noticed?)  Nope.

I looked back outside one more time.  Poked my head out extra far and looked allll the way to the left and all the way to the OH MY GOODNESS THERE'S MY PILLOW!!!!

My pillow was nearly all the way to the street!!!

It had somehow been blown outside and then down the back parking area and I gleefully grabbed my keys and ran and got my pillow before it could escape further!

So... either my pillow wanted to go on an adventure (and in which case I feel badly that I denied it further travel) or it was terrified and was so thrilled to see me and be taken back inside!

But yeah, my pillow went on an accidental adventure on a very windy day this weekend.

Go figure, eh?


Jason Langlois said...

Now I want to read the novel about your pillow's foiled prison break and run to freedom.

Anne Roy said...

Well, they do have feathers ... oh ... you did say foam ... you can clean those in the washing machine ...

Victoria said...

Would be a rather dull read Jason... chapters and chapters of not too much going on.. heh ;)

One is foam and the other is... not feathers... not sure what it is actually Anne!

Jason Langlois said...

"Once more my captor beats me. I hear her mutter about 'fluffing' and 'softer', but I kno the truth: I have displeased her."

"Another day staring at the window. My freedom is so close, but so far away. Did I once have legs to dash about, only to have her pull them off to trap me here? These are the dreams I have, as I count the hours until I can attempt my escape."

"I nearly made it. I saw my chance - a moment when she was distracted - and I took it. The fall nearly killed me, but thankfully the years of 'fluffing' had hardened me to such impacts. I had nearly gotten out of sight but she was onto me too soon and I have been recaptured.

But now I know I can do it. I have the courage inside me. Soon, she will let down her guard and I will try again. Soon, I will know the freedom I was born to have..."

Victoria said...

Awww.... that poor pillow! Now I feel horrible and like I should throw both my pillows out the window. *sniff*