Wednesday, 29 May 2019


A while ago, I mentioned that they installed new windows in our building.

The windows are still awesome and the bug screens amazing, yay!

I also learned an interesting thing... well ok, maybe not THAT interesting but still!

I noticed that when I close my blinds at night, they bash against the new windows if there's a wind.

But only if I turn them one way!

As in... if I turn them so that the slats (horizontal blinds) turn... "up"wards, no issue, but if I turn them "down"wards, bash bash bash!

I dunno, I think it's kind of interesting.  And while the "noisy" way blocks more light, if I notice it's windy in the evening, I now make sure to turn them the other way.

I'm sure I could investigate and tell you the actual reason behind it, but instead let's just say "science" and wave our hands like it's magic!  *science*


Anne Roy said...

Those blinds sound wonderful ... I cannot explain the bug behaviour ... over here in the U.K. there are NO screens on windows! been here 22 years & still startles / annoys this Canadian ... to be fair we are not plagued with house flies as we are there at home ... yes, science is magic!

Victoria said...

Science IS magic! ;)

And I wish I could send you the little screens I used to have. Bought them at a hardware type store and they adjusted, they sure were better than nothing.

(And it's the mosquitoes that get to me but flies are also annoying!)

Jason Langlois said...

Is this happening when the windows are open or closed?

Because if the windows are closed but your blinds are bumping ... I'm concerned they're not as "closed" as they seem...

Victoria said...

Closed. If it was happening when they were open, I'd be like "Hi ghost friends!" or something! ;)