Wednesday, 16 October 2019


Just the other day I talked about the understanding I thought the bugs and insects in my house had with me. 

Well, now a giant, freaky, makes me want to move out sized spider has gone and ruined everything.  Again!

A few days ago I saw a GIANT spider hanging out in the folds of my shower curtain.  I dealt with a massive increase in heart rate while I carefully took it out into the hallway.  (And then I'm not exaggerating that I had to lay down for a while because GAH!!!)

So, imagine my horror when I looked up after dinner last night and saw an equally big, POSSIBLY THE SAME DAMN SPIDER! on the wall of my kitchen!

I actually shouted "NO, NOT IN MY KITCHEN!" and then realized it was too far away for me to get to, so I got a sweeper thing and knocked it down and NOW I DON'T KNOW WHERE IT IS!!!

It is really unsettling to know that a giant spider is somewhere in my place and I can't see it to get rid of it, and yes, I know this is the time of year they come inside and all of that but DO NOT LIKE!

It could be in my .... EVERYTHING and I think I might have to move out, that is considering it even lets me live and OMG I COULD NEVER LIVE IN THE TROPICS OR AUSTRALIA!!!


Jason Langlois said...

This is a terrible horror story! Maybe see if the spider will pay half the rent?

Victoria said...

To ask it to do so I would have to see it again and I DO NOT WANT!