Thursday, 9 January 2020

Hashbrown Heartbreak

Oh man...  I got my heart broken by hashbrowns y'all!

So I kind of like hashbrowns.  Not the stringy things, but the little tiny potato things.  Or, if at a restaurant, I'm ok with the chunky potato square things, but they might be called something else... anyway.... I like em.

Whenever Jason would suggest we have breakfast for dinner, frozen hashbrowns would be purchased and I always think of them as a filling treat.  And potatoes, so healthy too!

With me working with later starting eating times with the intermittent fasting I've been needing to change up what I eat first off in the day, because having some toast and tea isn't cutting it.  I mean, it was never a great breakfast when I wasn't intermittent fasting, but with my not always happy stomach in the mornings I was always sort of trying to get something in while not upsetting things.  So when I started with it all I wanted something decent and filling and my brain said "hey, hashbrowns!"  So I bought me some and for a couple of weeks there I was really enjoying starting my day (mid day) with an egg and some hashbrowns.

I mentioned to Jason that I was a little concerned with having to fry them and he said "yeah, they're not too healthy but if you cook them in the oven you can do it without oil/butter" so I was like yay! and started baking them rather than heating them in the fry pan, yay healthy!

Jason and I were out getting groceries for dinner together one night a few weeks ago and I said something about hashbrowns and he mumbled something again about "not all that healthy" and I was like dude, they're potatoes, that's fine!  And he stopped, looked at me and said "have you actually looked at the ingredients???"



Because I honest to goodness you guys thought they were literally potatoes cut into little tiny squares for my breakfast enjoyment!

Um... spoiler?  They're really not.

But I didn't know that yet, so I marched to the frozen foods department and I pulled out a package of hashbrowns and I flipped them over and I looked at that ingredient list and y'all?  I started laughing.  Because no.  They are SO not just potatoes.  They really are not.  And there I'd been happily baking my "healthy" potatoes for breakfast all proud of myself being all healthy and I had never once thought to look at the ingredients list and whoops!

So I kept breaking out into laughter as we wandered through the rest of the store and for the next week or so I'd half laugh, half sigh in despair at the loss of my break-fast potatoes, so yeah.... hashbrowns broke my heart you guys.  So totally.

Also... can't someone make me pre made little tiny cut up potato bits that I just have to re-heat and that are nice and healthy and filling?  With extra "healthy"?  Pretty please?

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