Thursday, 28 May 2020

An End

I am, for once, writing this in a morning - go figure.

I've noticed that most (all?) mornings now I wake up and my first coherent thought is "I'm done with this" as in "this needs to be over now"  as in "this has gone on long enough". 

I wake up and I don't want to face another day where Covid19 is.... potentially everywhere and people are fighting about it or upset about it or sick or dying or unwell or dealing with it.  I don't want us to be dealing with it anymore.

And especially since there is no known end. 

We have hints of vaccines to come but that doesn't feel real or realistic and even then.... who knows.

I'm done with this.  Can it be over already please?  We've been dealing with it long enough.  Let's go back to how things were.

And I keep being told that there will never be a return to how things were, not like that, but can we at least figure out how things are now, without this pandemic?  Please?

I'm just so tired of it all.  So tired.

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