Monday, 26 October 2020


Winter absolutely made a guest appearance here this weekend.  Like, brrr!

It felt like and smelt like it could snow but said snow missed us, while hitting other parts of the province.  The wind had a bite, the air was cooooold, and yeah, seems records were set.

They've suggested we might have a 'colder than usual' Winter, and I guess we shall see but I feel like me having to close up my windows and have a hot water bottle at my feet is more of a January thing than an October one.  Although as I type this I do realize it's the end of October, not the early October my brain thinks it is.... 

Time change is coming too, you know, one of my least favourite things?  It happened this weekend in the UK I think and for us it's next weekend and man these slightly shorter days are going to be gone, just like that... hello darkness and all.

I did, by the way, get out my S.A.D.  lamp this month.  It's an older one, not very large.  I say this as I've seen some for sale in the pharmacy and they're large and in charge!   (Or, large anyway)  Mine may not be up to date but I'm  hoping it's doing at least a little something for me as the days get even shorter and darker.  Literally.  (And hopefully not figuratively but who knows)

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