Saturday, 24 October 2020


So I thought this was normal but I was curious so I googled it and now I'm not so sure so... I'm asking you, my internet friends, yay!

I went for a walk yesterday.  It was rainy (light rain) and while not chilly, not warm either, but I dressed light cuz, I dunno?  As I walked (about 40 minutes total?) the rain soaked my thighs (and other areas but this is where I'm focusing for now) and my thin exercise pants were sticking to my legs there for maybe 15-20 minutes of the walk.  No big deal.  It happens.

When I got home, I stripped off the wet stuff and saw that my thighs were unsurprisingly red as this is what my skin does when cold.

I've made the "mistake" before of going right into the shower when it's like that and so to avoid the burning I put on warm sweats and sat under the blanket for a few minutes before going to have a bath.

My thighs stayed red in the bath and got that itchy feeling of "warmth coming back" and I wondered what the process was for this all happening so I googled "skin red after cold exposure"? but all I got were things about a particular illness and, of course, frostbite info.  I did get one hit about red cheeks in winter and blood vessels but I'm talking about my thighs here, not my cheeks!  (Face cheeks, get your minds out of that there gutter!)

So... I know I'm a pretty pale person and I know my thyroid stuff makes me more, uh, sensitive to heat (?) but I'm wondering... doesn't everyone turn red (and then a weird red/white blotchy combo that kind of burns/itches) when they get wet/cold?  Am I even making sense?

I'd take photos but, yeah... my naked thighs don't need to be on the internet thank you very much.


Jason Langlois said...

I get some redness when cold, which I assume is the body trying to get blood to the area to warm it up. I think when the body decides "nope, its too cold to even try. Blood, time to run into the core to keep us alive" that you have to worry.

I think the tingling has to be the nerves that have numbed out from the cold coming back to life, though?

Not a doctor, though.

Victoria said...

My (face) cheeks are still bright red this morning! THIS MORNING!!!!