Monday, 14 December 2020

I Always Know

Do you have any foods that you know will "upset" your mouth but you eat them anyway?

I mean like... something, usually candy for me, that is yummy and you love it but when you eat it your mouth gets all angry and not quite allergic reaction but like irritated sort of ulcers and then you spend more days with the sore gum/roof of mouth than you did actually enjoying the treat but part of you still suspects that in another number of months you will think "it's worth it" and do it again and then play the whole thing out again?

Um... yeah... I'm looking at you orange Fritt!  (And Starburst to be fair... and probably some others I've currently forgotten...sigh)



kandijay said...


Victoria said...

Oh man! :(

Jason Langlois said...

Captain Crunch cereal. Every time I have a bowl, I regret it. But then I end up craving it again eventually.

Victoria said...

Yeah, I'm wanting more of the candy pictured above even though the roof of my mouth has yet to heal!