Saturday, 6 March 2021

An Amused Frustration

I'm on the second book of a series (The Expanse series) and I'm nearing the end and frustrated!

I'm frustrated because I have a sense that the book isn't going to end in a way that makes me ok with not reading the next book.  And the library doesn't have anything beyond the first book, so I treated myself to the second for Christmas and now I'm pretty sure I'm going to want to read the third (and more?) and books are not in my budget!!!!

I suspect my brother might have the series but it's Covid and we're not visiting and so I'm not asking.  Plus I actually hate borrowing books from folks, it makes me quite anxious and I feel a lot of pressure, so there's that.

I have other books to read of course, and I can wait to read the next one, if I do feel I "need" to read it, but argh.  I just kind of wanted to read another and move on and now I think that's not going to happen!!!

I might try requesting that the library bring in the rest of the series.  And I've also already priced out the book at the local store so.... who knows.  Who knows indeed!

Most excellent "problems" to have, amiright? 

Edited to add:  WAIT WAIT WAIT GUESS WHAT?????  After I wrote this I signed in to the library and THEY HAVE IT!!!!  I think maybe someone else must have suggested the get the series because they don't quite seem to exist in the system yet but they exist more than last time I looked and so YAY I won't have to buy it after all WOO HOOOO!!!!! LIBRARIES RULE!


Happydog said...

I love our libraries here in Victoria! They have an easy online request form and have always added the books I’ve suggested! Though there is one right now that seems in limbo but it’ll come at some point. It’s a UK. title and I’m thinking they might be waiting for a North American publisher.

Victoria said...

I've only tried to ask for them to buy a book once, but you're right, they did bring it in! I'm excited you got a request filled in too, hope it arrives soon :)

Jason Langlois said...

Ooooh, well now I'm going to have to get the 2nd book.

Victoria said...


Switch said...

Love it!

Victoria said...