Monday, 8 March 2021


I got super stressed that I didn't have photos ready for this week's posts and it got me so stressed out (anxious) that I was not going to write anything at all and then I went hey, you know what?  Just write posts with no photos.  No one will die.  No one will care enough to like track you down and yell at you from outside your apartment.  And if someone is really really upset by a lack of photos that's a them thing not a you thing and well, it would actually be kind of, if I may, a little weird and unsettling that that was a big deal to them so.... yeah.  Just write some posts, man!

So, yeah.  Heya....  here's a post, without a photo, YAY!

The last two "mornings" (I say that because I don't know timing exactly just it felt more like morning than middle of the night?) I've had basically the same stress dream.  Which is a little unusual.

In these dreams I've been packing (usually a younger me) to move.  And I've left it too late.  Like the one dream it was the day before and my room had so much stuff and I hadn't really packed anything at all and I was so stressed and upset about having left it all so late and not having enough time and there being so much stuff and no boxes and that dream I sort of re-focussed by realizing I could probably hire someone to do all the packing and so it would cost a lot but probably get done.

The next one was left until the morning of and we (parents and I) had to actually catch a flight that ... day? and so I was trying to pack all my clothes in the suitcase like you see them do in movies when they just take the stuff off the rack and just stuff it in the suitcase, except I was at least semi folding it while trying to make more room... but I was so upset and crying because there was not enough room for all my clothes and we were leaving the country and I didn't want to lose the rest of my stuff by just leaving it there but I knew I had been supposed to be packing for ages now but I'd not done it and had probably just gone to play with my friends instead and I wasn't able to "fix" that dream because there wasn't enough time to hire anyone and there were no boxes or anything and we had to leave for the airport so it was just terribly upsetting and I'm wondering why my brain picked that particular scenario to use as its stress relief programming?

Because yes, I am anxious about some stuff that is time constrained and I worry that if I leave things to the last minute I will "lose out" or something.  (I am struggling with time pressure anxiety right now... it's not super fun).

But I don't have any moves or travel coming up soon (I have been wondering about maybe a camping trip locally so maybe that's the "packing" my brain is using???) and I'm not young me anymore.... maybe I could keep analyzing it or I could just shake it off and say that it seems my brain is stressed and has come up with a convenient stress story to try to let some of it out.

Pack your boxes before the day you have to move guys!  Way less stressful that way!

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