Tuesday, 9 March 2021

So Sleepy

I was unusually (for me) sleepy this weekend.  More specifically, after I ate.

Not that I'm saying I ate well, mind you, which may be part of it, but still.... I definitely noticed the pattern of chomping down and then having to will myself to stay awake!

"Well have a nap why don't you!"  Well, see, I did.  On Saturday.  Just a wee half hour one, but then that night it took ages to fall asleep and you know I like me sleep when I can have it so I wasn't willing to risk another nap, no sirree!

I got a walk in on Sunday.  Hilariously, mind you, as it was sunny and calm before and sunny and calm after, but the last 15 or so minutes of my walk (heading home, phew!) were WINDY and RAINY and I'm pretty sure I got hit by sleet!  And then I ate and all the sleepy hit me despite the exercise that should have boosted my energy?

Perhaps it's the stress of the last couple of weeks of (workplace) going and that has been an awful lot of stress and particularly draining, so maybe it was that sort of attempting to catch up with me.  Plus did I mention not eating all that well but I LOVE CARBS SO MUCH OH MAN!!!

Am hoping this week is more energetic.

And that any future walks I take are not quite as exciting as the one I took on Sunday!

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