Saturday, 12 July 2014


Well, I just sat here and had about three different things I was going to say but I got distracted by texts and now they're all gone... sigh.

So... random things.

Right this minute I swear I can smell wet carpet.  Like the smell of someone getting their carpets cleaned.  Not sure where the smell's coming from and don't feel like investigating.

I'm also hungry.  But want to be sort of junk food-y but also want to be sort of healthy.  Should probably drink some water and go from there.  Bah.

I'm re-watching the O.C.  It came into my brain as a sort of craving out of nowhere and I'm just going with it.  Let's pretend I never mentioned it but oh man such great music, eh?

Wait, it's the weekend, isn't it?  Why am I worrying about what my brain was trying to say?  It's brain-holiday time, wheeeee!

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