Friday, 11 July 2014

The Incident

Soooooo.... I lost my sleeping bag.

Kind of.

I was pretty sure I'd put it back into C-Dawg's basement, but she couldn't find it.  Wasn't a big deal because I figured I could just buy a new one but last time I was over there, I decided to take a look through the basement myself.  So cell phone "flashlight" in hand, I managed to find my sleeping bag hurrah!

Now, I didn't bother cleaning it when I got back from Burning Man so it had been put away as is.  I hadn't thought it was that dusty but when I took it out (in anticipation of a possible camping trip this month) it smelled a little musty and I could see a bit of dust on it.

I didn't think I'd bother cleaning it but then the other weekend I figured I may as well give it a shot.

Jason had suggested I take it to get dry cleaned, but I figured I'd safe myself some money (and chemicals) and just clean it myself.

My apartment building has shared laundry facilities so the machines are a bit bigger than standard and I figured it'd work just fine.  I stuffed my bag in and figured I'd put in a little less than the usual amount of detergent, but since I wanted the thing clean I would still make sure it got cleaned.

I always set my kitchen timer and when the thing went off I headed back down, twoonie in hand, to switch the bag over from washer to dryer.

Except... no.

Uh oh.

I guess I didn't really think things through and/or really understand the whole warning label about "oversudsing" but what I walked into in the laundry room was a front loading washing machine that was full of bubbles and suds.


So, not really sure what else to do to cover my tracks, I used my twoonie to put the entire thing through another wash cycle, with the hopes it would wash out the soap and bubbles.

Yeah, no.

Thought for a bit this time, two twoonies in hand.  I pulled out the bag (spilling masses of bubbles all over the floor in the meantime and tried to scrape off some of the soapy suds into the sink.  Got it all over the floor in the process so went back to my apartment to grab some towels to clean the floor (did not want to call the resident manager for a mop!)

I separated the bag into two sides and ran them both through a no-added-soap wash and things were a bit more normal when I got back down there.

So, long story short, I now have a fresh, clean sleeping bag, and I now know what "oversudsing" means!

Ta da!


Army of the Frenetic said...

I know not what this "twoonie" is that you speak of. Please, by all means, enlighten me.

*Shakes head in frustration, doesn't know how to use Google*

Victoria said...

A two dollar coin! :D

Sister to the loonie... so called because it's our one dollar coin but has a loon (bird) on the back. So... a loonie $1 and a twoonie $2 (toonie?)

Ta da!

Army of the Frenetic said...

How about a trio...triwo....tri-oo...tri-wo...whatever.

Victoria said...

Nah, no trioonie... but talk about a ...fivoonie? pentagoonie?