Tuesday, 15 July 2014


When I noticed this weekend that my worry level (call it anxiety if you must, that term just makes me feel like more of a victim than I like) had spiked, I did what I could to manage it.

Not control it... all of the mindfulness and meditation and psychology readings all say you can't control feelings, even trying to do so aggravates things, so don't try to control them, let them be.  But I also know that there are things that make me feel worse when I'm worried, and things that can help to settle my mind.

I also know I can get stuck in a cycle of worry and not taking care of the good things and then feeling yuckier and then it can just go on and on, so I do what I can to stay out of the deep cycles.

So when I noticed that I wasn't feeling that great this weekend I did a few good things and I missed out on a few.  I told Jason I was feeling extra worried.  I told him this not to make him do anything about it but just so he knew I was a bit on edge  Jason and I are getting really good at communicating even when we're neither of us at our best and I'm pleased about this. So I told him I was edgy.  We headed outside and that helped.  Sat on beaches by the water and soaked up some sun and fresh air.  Jason made us some really good, healthy food.  That was good.

I wasn't as great with exercising as I could have been, and that's my bad for not fitting it in to my schedule.  I also missed a day of meditation when Jason invited me to stay Saturday night and when I'm at my high worry times, missing meditation is noticeable.

I also cleaned.  Not the dusting and cleaning that I've put off for a while, I did that mid-week, I mean I tidied.

Having things lying about my place isn't my favourite thing on a good day but when I'm worried?  Tidying things up really helps settle my mind.

So does writing lists.

Getting the feeling of "I HAVE TOO MUCH TO DO!" physically out onto paper somehow lets my mind rest a bit.

So Sunday night I tidied up a few things that were laying about, I wrote lists, I got fresh air and vacuumed my car, took out the trash and recycling, and made time to meditate.

It just takes things down a notch.  Which helps a lot.

In the moment, and long term too.


Jason Langlois said...

Keep it up. :)

And I hope the Burning Man thing works out.

Also, happy you got around to dusting and tidying. That does help settle the mind.

Mostly this is just a "still reading your posts, still think you're doing awesome" kind of comment.

Victoria said...

I like those kinds of comments! :)