Saturday, 26 July 2014

Generational? Or Just...?

Jason has roommates.

Well, technically one, but his girlfriend lives there too although I'm not sure if she's fully moved in or just...anyway, not my business, I'm just nosy!

These roommates have a decade on Jason and I and while I don't particularly notice it (we don't cross paths much) I did wonder the other night if it was an age thing I was seeing, or just a "their relationship" thing.

See, Jason was making dinner for the two of us.  (Or perhaps for all of us, I can't remember...anyway...) and I was sitting in the kitchen, out of his way, keeping him company and asking about his cooking.

I know that's not typical.  Usually it's the girl that cooks, if we're following gender stereotypes and all, but Jason can really cook and likes to so it works very much in my favour!

So while he was cooking our meal, the other couple came home from wherever and I watched as she asked him if he'd like her to make him a drink.  He grunted something in the affirmative and then stood there and watched while she prepared the whole thing, and brought it to him.  He made some sort of joking comment, that I had to bite my tongue over (although I did say something about how it wasn't particularly nice) and I sat there realizing what a dichotomy it was.

Jason and I have no typical gender roles in our relationship... well, he does open the door for me and does polite gentlemanly things but other than his manners... we both just kind of do what we're good at doing and I love that he cooks.

It was very odd to see that in direct contrast to this woman waiting on her man, who just seemed to expect it and not particularly appreciate it.

I always appreciate Jason cooking and I try to help by cleaning up or something, but I do always thank him, and I try to always thank him for the mannerly things he does.

So I don't know if it's just how Jason was raised v/s his roommate, or if it's a generational thing or just how each of them were raised.

I just don't think I've ever seen Jason's roommate cooking, and I don't think it should be something that's gender based.

Anyway... it was interesting, that's for sure.


RandomStranger said...

I think it's an individual thing, and definitely not a generational thing. My boyfriend and I are from... "this generation", I guess we could say... and he always insists on doing the cooking because he really enjoys it :)

kandijay said...

I don't think it's generational. I think every generation has people who are sexist jerks.

Victoria said...

I love it when people love to cook RS, it means more yummy for me! ;)

You made me giggle Kandi, thanks :)