Wednesday, 9 October 2019


I am trying really hard but I am not following this book I'm reading.

I read another one by the same author and really enjoyed it.  That book was light and an easy read and so I thought I'd see if she had another and sure enough, yay!  So I got it from the library.  YAY LIBRARY! And, well.... I'm not following.

As in, I can't even seem to keep straight all the character names.  And she jumps around and randomly introduces new characters out of nowhere and I'm like is that a friend I missed?  No... oh, ok.  And then there's this other narrator that speaks from the first person and they're in italics and who on earth is that and why are they speaking?  And there aren't chapters, which is fine... there are font-based indicators of chapter like... things... and there are "month chunks" or something, like book segments, but, is it me?

Like, that's what I'm trying to figure out... is it me who just doesn't have the brainpower to figure this out or is it just... not.. easy to follow...?

I'm still going on it, because as we know I hate giving up on a book, but, yeah, I sort of feel like I'm reading it just to see if it all comes together at the end somehow.

(I'm honestly tempted to see if there is a plot summary online to just... be done with it!)

So yeah... not following... and very weird to read after her first book which was, like I said, a light easy read.

Go figure.

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