Tuesday, 8 October 2019


Y'all?  I am struggling to find socks.

Hear me out now.  I used to get my socks at Sears.  I'm sock picky.  They have to be soft, and they have to have no elastic top, and they have to be longer than the top of my boots and oh please don't fall down when I walk (although that one you can't really tell until you've bought them) and I had a few kinds that I used to get that were perfect and worked well and when I heard Sears was closing I didn't think to go in and try to get socks.

So now... my socks are dwindling in numbers (I've worn holes in most of them) and I can't find the ones I used to get and GAH!  WHERE ARE ALL THE GOOD SOCKS!!???

I've been to the Bay, nothing.  I've looked online.  Nothing.  I've tried to find the brands and I just can't seem to, so... I'm on a quest to find replacement socks.

C-Dawg says she gets hers at Marks, so I'll probably end up there searching but man oh man I had no idea that some day I'd be sad over the loss of my most excellent socks.

Sock pickiness is a thing you guys... and it's hard when the socks you like just up and leave you.  (And the ones I bought last year at London Drugs are comfortable but way too short, so they're kind of... not ok.)

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