Saturday, 21 November 2020

A Hello

Some of you (readers/commenters/lurkers) I haven't heard from since the pandemic and lockdown (and some of you probably longer than that) and I just wanted you to know if you're reading this right now I'm thinking about you and hoping you and yours are ok and as unaffected as possible.

And if you're not reading this... I hope you maybe just feel a happy, loving thought come your way and that somehow your day is just a little easier.

Who knew we'd be here, eh?  (Epidemiologists everywhere timidly raise their hands....) 

Thinking about you all... really truly. 


Jason Langlois said...

Thinking about you, too.

Victoria said...


Elliott said...

Thinking about you too. I've been laxing in reading (I still, but every few weeks) and very much lax in not reaching out to say hi and to wish you all the best. Soo...I hope you and your family are staying healthy. We're all ok over here...I leave the house to play golf, cycle, walk and to shop for food and that's about it. Been working at home since mid-March and I kinda like it. For the first time since I was 4 I'm not playing hockey. I'm used to playing 5 times a week, so this is a huge downer for me. But with my wife being a teacher and being exposed to heaven knows what sitting out a season and protecting my hockey friends seemed like the least selfish thing to do.

I hope you're doing ok. I like the new "house" you've created here. The layout is very slick.

Take care.

Victoria said...

Glad you checked in Elliott and glad to hear you're all currently well and doing ok. Sorry about the hockey but yeah, seems like the decent call to have made. Big (distant)hugs!
Stay well!

And thanks, it wasn't me, t'was a forced update but glad it reads well :)