Monday, 11 January 2021


Had what I think is my first Covid-pandemic dream.  It was the type of dream I've taken to call a "stress dream" because they're stressful and unhappy and not restful but not awful enough to be a nightmare.  Just... like... stressful.

So I was, in this dream, recalling the trip I took a few years back down to Seattle to meet up with and visit some Burning Man friends.

In the dream I was basically remembering and going through the moment we (my car full of folks) got to friend's house and we all met and hugged everyone and then sat down to talk and talk and while I was thinking about all the hugging it occurred to me that none of us were wearing masks and not only that, but I'd AIR travelled to the STATES and I sort of had to half wake myself up to point out that no, I wasn't anywhere other than my bed and when I *had* actually gone to Seattle and hugged my friends it wasn't during a pandemic and none of us had been or got sick and yeah... I guess I'm both missing people and stressed about staying safe.


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