Tuesday, 20 April 2021

For Real... The Weather!

Y'all?  We had a total overnight weather/heat switch this week (last week).  Like... seriously.

Two weeks ago I was talking about the wind having a real bite and we had some hail recently and, well it's just early Spring, you know?

I had noticed some change in the temperature over the last month or so mind you.  My "extra" winter blanket was off/down some nights and back up other nights.  I could open my bedroom window(s) some nights and nearly close them others, so it was warming.  At least a little.

And then they said "oh, warm weather to come" and you kind of smile and nod and go uh huh because, well, it's April, right?

But no, what they meant was HA HA HA WARM WE WEREN'T KIDDING! weather, as I said, really overnight.

As in... one night I had ALLLLLL my Winter blankets on and the next I had both bedroom windows wide open and all my blankets off but one.  It was a crazy, sudden switch.

I looked over the forecast for the week and the numbers they were saying sounded silly.  We'd been waking up to light frost.  Overnight lows of maybe 2, sometimes less.  Now they were talking about daytime highs of 20 something?  I beg your pardon?

But yeah, we're going to be around 20 (celcius) until later this week when it should cool off and maybe bring us some (needed) rain.  It's been... weird.

And I'll be really honest again, not great on my health.  Sigh.

My body really doesn't seem to like heat anymore.  (I'm convinced it's age combined with thyroid)  And heat triggers anxiety/panic attacks for me so it's not something I look forward to, which actually sucks because for many weeks like this are amazing.

For me, I get nervous.

I also am not wanting too much sun.  Not just for the heat but for my skin.  My skin burns at so much as a hint of sun these days.  I'll go for a walk and come back with a bright red face and legit not know if it's from sun, or exercise or heat or exertion or..... all of the above?  

I mean I was out this weekend for a walk for around an hour and I had a hat and sunglasses and I still had a red face that evening.  WHY????????  I tried!

It's not that I'm complaining exactly, because the brightness is lovely.  It's just that my relationship with heat isn't a good one anymore.

I think it was after the first or second warm day that I chose to enact what I lovingly call my "hot weather protocols" that usually don't come out til Summer.

Blinds down (partially open) on my windows.  Windows all fully open.  Lighter/different clothes.  And, yes, I got out my box fan over the weekend.  Sigh.  (I'd kind of hoped that would jinx the heat away again for a while but it hasn't worked yet!)

Which reminds me, any advice for de-dusting a fan that I can't take apart?  (My stand up fan has gathered dust over winter and I can't disassemble it to dust it.)

Unfortunately I'm really anxious now about Summer, and especially how to manage my body in it, and this apartment that DOES NOT cool off in the evenings.

I know my former upstairs neighbours bought an A/C unit (didn't find that out til they moved and another neighbour told me how much they loved it... explains that noise I wondered about eh?) But I'm not sure that's a great move for me, and it's certainly not in my budget.  But my lord... I'm anxious about more heat.  Which legit sucks y'all.  It really really does.

I have "salt tabs" that supposedly help balance my body/electrolytes out to help my system manage heat and I know from Burning Man year two that if I actually eat well (rather than snack) my body does better.  Same with ice in drinks... (reminds me to go make some ice...  I put the trays away last year to make more room for frozen stuff for Covid cuz... in case of all the bad things)

But yeah, our weather majorly shifted last week and it's been a bit of a quick adjustment and I wish I felt differently but I'm super anxious about summer heat to come.  


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