Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Insert Witty Title Here*

So. Bird.


Sort of.

Allow me to explain...

See, we're both part of a group that's been meeting weekly in order to organize ourselves for something that we put on a couple of weekends ago. So on our last meeting before the big event, I decided to be mature (or something) and ask Bird for a few minutes of his time before he left. You know, instead of letting him just ignore me and then ignoring the ignoring.

So we sat down and I told him that I wanted to clear the air and that while I wished him well and cared about him as a person I felt let down and didn't trust him as a friend or anything beyond that anymore.

And while I'd hoped he'd say something, maybe even apologize, he didn't. And that's just fine. At least I feel I did my part and said what I wanted to say, calmly and honestly.

Fast forward to this weekend, when I ran into that girl. Remember that girl? The one who was seeing Bird but didn't mention it to me, or whatever? Yeah.

And she pulled me aside and apologized. Told me her side of things and, well, whether I trust her completely in what she's saying or not, I appreciate her taking the time and making the effort to talk to me about things. That's mature and must have taken some guts to do.

So in some way I'm still processing, but I guess it's kind of all come full circle, or has gotten its closure or something.


Just thought y'all deserved to hear the latest. As un-drama filled as it might be!

*No, seriously, let's hear your best titles for this post!


Blogger Elusive Butterfly said...

You're a nicer person than me. I'm not sure what she could have had to say about "her side" of things. She was underhanded and untruthful with you when you were vulnerable and openly trusting with her. I would have given her that look which every girl knows is a mental bitch slap and wished her a good day.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008 11:07:00 am  
Blogger Victoria said...

You mean like what's his name on That 70s show? "Good day. I said GOOD DAY!" That might have been fun ;)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008 5:24:00 pm  
Blogger Jenn said...

Maybe this is unfair - but I was wondering if his moniker could be used to represent his brain size or was that your intention all along? It just seems you've gone through a lot with someone who's completely lacking mentally.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008 8:02:00 pm  
Blogger Elusive Butterfly said...

Aren't most boys completely lacking mentally?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008 8:59:00 pm  
Blogger Victoria said...

Jenn, that's hilarous! And, no, that wasn't my intention, but...maybe it was a subliminal message I didn't even realize! ;)

EB, some. Some. Um... many?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008 9:02:00 pm  

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