Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Finding Order in the Randomness

I was sitting here thinking about what, exactly, I might want to say in a post today, and I thought I'd listen to some music while I was waiting. So I flipped iTunes onto random shuffle and up popped this song:

Tomi Swick - Sorry Again

Now, that song reminds me so completely of Smith (I think he must have introduced me to the song, plus, it sort of matches a lot of the mood and words in our relationship.) that I thought it'd be interesting to see what popped up next randomly and what, or who, I associated the song with. And here's what came up:

Xavier Rudd - Fortune Teller Live

I love Xavier Rudd, and I owe my introduction to him to DD and I'm very very grateful for that. Xavier is so totally, amazingly, wonderfully, awesome.

Next, this one came up and it weirdly reminds me of both high school and early University. Kind of angry and head bangingish, or something.

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun


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