Thursday, 26 March 2020

More Of A Tweet Than A Post, Really

I'mma try to make (gluten free) Navajo flatbread!

I first saw it on twitter, then a friend posted it on (other social network) and I have the ingredients and want to try it so.... here goes!

Edit, couple of hours later:  Ok, so I'm calling that a successful failure.  Really simple to make, but the use of gluten free flour meant I was starting with an unknown.  My dough was too sticky so I didn't end up cooking it all, but I did have one ball I made into three pieces and I'm proud of me.  Will probably make again with regular flour (sorry body) just to see what they'd be like made "properly".


Jason Langlois said...

The lack of gluten ... I do wonder how that would affect a flatbread like that. Please update us with your further experiments.

Also, can I recommend YouTube-ing the "Gourmet Makes" stuff on the Bon Appetit channel? There's something about watching Claire, the chef, try and make junk food with gourmet ingredients that'd adorable.

Victoria said...

I'll probably try it again and adjust the amount of water I used.

Will take a look at that one :)