Tuesday, 7 April 2020

For Posterity V 2

I went for a long-ish walk last week that took me through the local park.  And there are some things I noticed that I wanted to make note of, in not quite opposition, but contrast?, in, I suppose addition to the list I made a couple of weeks ago.

Birds are still singing.  Perhaps especially more so now that Spring is here and the seasons are shifting.

Children still laugh while playing in their family groups in the park.  I know this because laughter echoes and the sound of it carries, even over distance and with my headphones in.

Dogs still think chasing sticks and going for walks are AWESOME!

Spring wind still has a bite to it.

Cherry (plum?) blossoms are still super pretty and soft and lovely while they last.

Rain still leaves puddles.  Mud is still muddy.

Herons still sound like dinosaurs to me.

People are trying their best and trying to stay happy and healthy in a situation that is novel to us all.

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