Monday, 22 March 2021


No, the title doesn't mean anything but it is 100% what my brain was "saying" when I sat down to start writing a post so, you know, you're welcome!

Seems I, or we, have survived the first week of the time change.  I tried my different approach this year and I think it helped a little.  But honestly, I kind of lost my sh*t around Tuesday or Wednesday anyway so... I don't know.

Funny, I realized on Friday how many people I was seeing (social media people) saying how awful the week was and how grumpy they were and how this week was just not good, ugh and my brain sort of put two and two together and wondered how many people "aren't bothered" by the time change but had a rough week anyway and just didn't associate the two?  Again... don't know.

My biggest issues time wise this week were the light-confusion around dinner time, like it's *this* light out why is it 7pm?  Oh... right.  And of course my sleep.  Because my lord my sleep was not happy this week.

I kept to my "normal" sleep schedule, getting up at the same time (give or take a few hits of snooze to be honest) and the mornings were rather miserable.  Ok, expected.  But then the evenings were a struggle too.  I find myself sleepy around 4.  Then 7.  And when I go to bed around 10, I'm too tired to keep reading, but then I can't fall asleep.  And even if I'm not playing the "what time is it actually" game it just seemed clear that my system was confused.  Why was I trying to sleep "so early" and MY LORD why was I insisting on getting up SO DAMN EARLY.  Sigh.

So yeah, I have survived the first week of time change and I did ok but not great and I guess it's progress but I also didn't post about my mid week "messed up" break down so..... let's maybe just call it a draw eh?


Jason Langlois said...

I have no idea if I've survived the time change. My sleep cycle was already off before we lost the hour, and still feels off now. Though I have noticed that before the time change, I was sleeping til around 7AM finally, and now I'm waking up at 6AM ... which makes no sense to me.

Victoria said...

Well... yeah that makes no sense at all!!!!! But.. ok? (sigh)